Welcome to my home page. My qualifications, counselling orientation, areas of special interest and work portfolio are noted below

Qualifications & Registrations
BSc Hons (Psychology):                                 UNISA 2002
Certificate in HIV/AIDS counselling:    UKZN 2004
Postgrad Dip in Arts (Counselling):        UKZN 2007
HPCSA:                                                                   Registered Counsellor 2008
Health & Welfare SETA:                               Registered Assessor 2009

Counselling Orientation
Promotion of psychosocial well-being through short term goal orientated counselling. My counselling approach is collaborative and creative. It is focussed on client empowerment and personal growth. My influences include person centred, cognitive behavioural and systems approaches. My training has effectively been from a health counselling framework.

Areas of Special Interest:
Health and Wellness Counselling  (Chronic disease/health in general)
□ Trauma (TRE level 1 practitioner)
□ Stress management
□ Career development/ career counselling
□ Employee wellness
□ Substance abuse/ addiction
□ Life transition
□ Personal growth
□ Sports psychology

Work Porfolio (Counselling and Training)
ICAS Southern Africa                                 (GP/ EAP Clinician)
□ Harmony Clinic                                              (WC/ Addictions Counsellor)
□ Proactive Health Solutions                     (GP/ EAP Clinician)
□ HOPE House:                                                  (WC/ Community Counsellor)
□ ATICC (Dept of Health)                            (WC/ Training & Counselling)
□ Damelin                                                              (KZN/ Comm lecturer)
□ Absa                                                                      (KZN/ Training Facilitator)
□ Hillcrest Aids Centre Trust                     (KZN/ University Internship)
□ eThekwini Municipality                            (KZN/ Training Officer)


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